About the Report Design category

This section contains sample recipes related to the Report Designer module. For more details, please click on the links below to access their respective pages.

  1. How To Create A Report Template With 2 Level Sub Report

  2. How To Add Column With New Record

  3. How To Add RTF Content

  4. How To Calculate And Collect Sub-Report Values

  5. How To Calculate Correlation

  6. How To Customize Page Information

  7. How To Customize Parameter UI

  8. How To Dynamically Resize Image

  9. How To Format Data By Making Negative Values Bracketed

  10. How To Hide Duplicates

  11. How To Display Records In Horizontal Tiles

  12. How To Pass Parameter To Group Sort

  13. How To Print A Line At The End Of “Detail”

  14. How To Process Byte Array

  15. How To Read Binary Image

  16. How To Remove Column In Cube

  17. How To Render Dynamic Columns

  18. How To Repeat Header Using Script

  19. How To Return Value From Sub-Report

  20. How To Simulate Report Band

  21. How To Terminate Report Rendering

  22. How To Track Report Generation

  23. How To Underline Element With Logic

  24. How To Use Cube In Report

  25. How To Work On Charting

  26. How To Work On Data Cache

  27. How To Work On Date

  28. How To Work On Dynamic Column Report

  29. How To Work On Dynamic Labels (Language)

  30. How To Work On Font

  31. How To Work On JavaScript

  32. When No Data Is Found

  33. How To Control Orientation

  34. How To Change Rectangular Element To Oval

  35. How To Work On Renderer

  36. How To Work On Report Components

  37. How To Work On Section Handling

  38. How To Work On Style

  39. How To Work On Variable In Action