Using the Repertoire Designer with Ambience 2022 & above

  • In Ambience v2022 & above, you would be able to make use of the Repertoire 2022 designer to connect with the Repository module in Ambience for report design & rendering purposes.
  • Do follow through the steps below as a guide on how to connect the Ambience 2022 repository to the designer.

  1. In your etc/application.conf file, add the following line & save the file.
    elixir.sso.server.resource-owner-password-enabled = true

  2. Restart the Ambience server & Start up the Repertoire 2022 designer.

  3. In the designer, click on the following icon as highlighted below to connect to the server.

  4. Next, you will be shown a pop-up which would require you to enter the following details: “Server”, “User Name”, “Password” & “2FA” (if configured)

  5. Click on “Connect” & you should be able to see your Repository tree as configured in Ambience v2022.