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This entry guides you through on the steps to Rollback to a previous backup in Ambience 4.x

  1. Stop the Ambience server & remove the /data/running.lock file if that file is not deleted on shutdown.

  2. Navigate to /data/vivace directory & move the current vjournal file out of the Ambience installation. (for e.g. [domain-name].vjournal)

  3. Rename the first vjournal backup file to the current.
    For example,
    [domain-name].vjournal.1 → [domain-name].vjournal

  4. Restart the Ambience Server

  5. Additionally, do check if the user account used to start the Ambience Server has the access rights to both read and write to the /data directory if the Ambience Server is unable to start after switching to the backup vjournal file.

Moving Forward, do look through the following entry below for consideration to upgrade to Ambience 4.6.5 for Bulk Reporting: Ambience 4.6.5 - Guide for Bulk Reporting