Creating an Oracle JDBC connection pool

To create an Oracle connection pool on the Ambience 2020 Server:

  1. Deploy the ojdbc driver in the \lib directory of the Ambience 2020 installation

  2. Go to \etc directory, make a copy and rename, e.g.

  3. Edit the file as follows:

  • dataSourceClassName=oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource
  • dataSource.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@<servername>:<port>:<database>
  • dataSource.user=
  • dataSource.password=
  1. Edit application.conf to point to the oracle connection properties. Substitute “sample” with the actual database name e.g. {
    connection-pool {
    implementation = “hikari”
    definition {
    sample = “./etc/”

  2. You can encrypt the connection pool password by running bin\ambience-cli.bat at the command line, e.g.

    \Ambience2020\bin>ambience-cli.bat encrypt password

    The command will return the following:
    password = {enc}67uXBxd5Ecxp1BvBgQWGew==

    Go to the properties file and substitute the password, e.g.
    dataSource.password= {enc}67uXBxd5Ecxp1BvBgQWGew==

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