Setting up AWS SMTP Mail Server

This entry walks you through on how to configure & set-up an AWS SMTP Mail Server for Ambience 202x.


  • AWS Access ID
  • AWS Secret Key

  1. Navigate to the etc/application.conf file path of your Ambience 202x installation.

  2. Under elixir.mail tag, do make the necessary changes & input in your AWS credentials as shown below:

elixir.mail {
  smtp = "aws"  

  # A Sample AWS SMTP mail configuration
  aws {
    //Enter in the "from" email address below
    from = "<...>"
    // Enter in your AWS Hostname Address (for e.g., "")
    host = "<...>"
    dnsResolver = ""
    port = 465

    //Enter in your AWS Access ID below
    user = "<...>"

    // Enter in your AWS Encrypted Secret Key below
    password = "<...>"
    connectionTimeout = 30000
    tls = true
    ssl = true
    authMechanism = ""
    debug = false

Replace the following brackets, <…> with the suitable inputs.

  1. Save the etc/application.conf file.

How to encrypt your Secret key using Ambience 202x?

  • Do refer to the following entry here to guide you through the steps of encrypting your secret key.