[Schedule Designer] How To Send Output To SMTP Target Using DataLoop

This recipe shows how you can send the generated report to certain users (Test-Mailing-Name-List-Report.ds).

Please remember to change the recipient in Test-Mailing-Name-List-Report.ds and also the ‘from’ in Job-RenderReport-MailTarget-trial.job:RenderReport

Steps taken:

  1. Create a job (Job-RenderReport-MailTarget-Trial.job). Add and enable an “Echo” task under the job:Echo=Starting myjob sequence…
  2. Add and enable a “DataLoop” task under the job. Enter the following information for the “DataLoop” task:DataSource Name=…/Test-Mailing-Name-List-Report.ds
  3. Run the job, and observe the output on the “Logs” tab.

To download the necessary files for this recipe, refer to the attached ZIP package.
HowToSendOutputToSMTPTargetUsingDataLoop.zip (3.3 KB)