Running Repertoire 8.x Server as a Linux Service via Systemd

The following entry below guides you through the steps to run the Ambience/Repertoire 202x as a Linux service using Systemd.


  • Ensure that Java is installed before carrying out the steps stated below.

  1. Create a new user to run the service. (for e.g., elixir)
    sudo adduser elixir

  2. Ensure that the owner of the Elixir Repertoire 8.x installation is set to the user created in Step 1.
    For example,
    sudo chown -R elixir:elixir /opt/Repertoire8/

  3. Do ensure that the Repertoire’s script is set to executable. For example,
    sudo chmod +x /opt/Repertoire8/bin/

  4. Download a copy of the service file here and park it over at /etc/systemd/system


Do revise the User, WorkingDirectory and ExecStart as necessary.

  1. Load the new service by executing the following command:
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload

  2. Use the command below to explicitly start the service:
    sudo systemctl start repertoire

  3. Use the command below to check the status:
    sudo systemctl status repertoire

  4. Use the command below to stop the service:
    sudo systemctl stop repertoire

  5. Use the command below to start the service every time the server restarts:
    sudo systemctl enable repertoire