Repertoire Client for Ambience/Repertoire 202x

Below are the download link for the Repertoire Client 202x

Java 8 compatible (10.6 MB)

Java 11 onwards (10.6 MB)

Repertoire Client 2024 (13.4 MB) (13.4 MB)

1/ Import all libraries in the /lib directory of the above zip to your application as the new Repertoire Client and its dependent libraries are now separated.

2/ Refer to the Repertoire Client Java Guide.pdf for instructions

3/ Additional info is available in the /docs directory

4/ Sample java code has been included in the /sample directory for reference


In the repertoire client jar for Repertoire 202x, the ERSClient constructor is now updated as shown below:
public ERSClient(String url, String user, String password)

The reason for the above change is because the repertoire client in Repertoire 202x now supports several additional types of connection variants as compared to the former ( for example, having the ERSClient call a URL like so that several distinct sites can be hosted via a load balancer). Therefore, defining the server and port is no longer sufficient in the current context.