Password Policies for Ambience 4.6.5

Creation of passwords V4.6.5, Domain Manager V4.6.5, Users
a) Enforce passwords to be made up of at least 12 characters and contain characters from at least two of the following four categories: Fulfil Fulfil
i) Upper case characters (A through Z); Fulfil Fulfil
ii) Lower case characters (a through z); Fulfil Fulfil
iii) Digits (0-9); Fulfil Fulfil
iv) Special Characters (!, $, #, %, etc.); Fulfil Fulfil
b) Prohibit passwords from being the same as the system account ID or user ID; and (assuming that both passwords and usernames, userid are not same) Fulfil Fulfil
c) Prohibit accepting passwords that are commonly used, guessable or compromised; Fulfil Fulfil
Change of passwords V4.6.5, Domain Manager V4.6.5, Users
d) Enforce password change upon first login; Fulfil Don’t Fulfil
e) Enforce password change once every 12 months; Fulfil Fulfil
f) Prohibit password reuse for a minimum of three generations; Fulfil Fulfil
Secure usage of passwords V4.6.5, Domain Manager V4.6.5, Users
g) Protect stored passwords from offline attacks Fulfil Fulfil
h) Transmit passwords over an encrypted channel, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Shell (SSH) Fulfil Fulfil
i) Ensure passwords are not displayed in clear; and Fulfil Fulfil
j) Lock the system account upon 10 consecutive failed authentication attempts. Fulfil Fulfil