Migration from 8.x.x to 8.10.0


This section describe the necessary steps to upgrade from ERS8.x to ERS8.10


Do NOT attempt to install version 8.10 over the same location on an existing version 8.x.x installation as this would cause ERS 8.10 not able to start up correctly.

The minimum Java Run Time requirement for version 8.10 is Java 8 and above


DO NOT copy all configuration files in <ERS8.x.x_installation>/config over to <ERS8.10_installation>/config as this would cause ERS 8.10 not to start up correctly.

Instead, copy each piece of information from the old configuration file in version 8.x.x to the new configuration file in version 8.10

e.g. In your current ERS setup, port number 8081 is used. To migrate this, simply edit the new ERS.xml in 8.10 accordingly.

Log Configuration

A major change in Repertoire Server 8.10 is the replacement of Log4j with Logback. The Logback configuration, logback.xml can be found in the /etc directory of the Repertoire Server 8.10 installation. DO NOT copy over the config/log-config.xml configuration file from previous Repertoire Server versions to the 8.10 installation.

Core Engine

The default port used for ERS 8.x is 8080. Please note that entering an invalid port number in ERS.xml will cause ERS8.10 not to start up.

API Client Library

The Repertoire Client library is no longer compiled together with all its dependent libraries but shipped together individually in the \RepertoireServer\clients\lib directory. Ensure that all jar libraries are copied from the \RepertoireServer\clients\lib directory of the Repertoire Server installation and imported into your java application.

External Jars

Please copy all existing jars in ERS8.x.x ext folder to the new ERS8.10 ext folder.

Re-install Windows Service

If you are launching Repertoire server as a Windows service, you need to update (uninstall and install) the Windows service using the tools provided under ‘windows-service’ directory.

  • Javascript security has been enhanced

We have enhanced security support for Javascript so that scripts written by users will be executed with limited privileges (these are configurable by administrators).

If you have a script that ran correctly with version 8.x.x, but fails in the new release, you should check if the script contains privileged actions (such as establishing network connections or accessing files on hard disk, etc.).

You should verify that these operations are safe and if you believe they are necessary, you can then fine tune the security policies in config\java2.policy for your users. Please see the user manual for more details.

Repository and Users/Roles

To migrate 8.x.x to 8.10 repository and user/roles information :

  1. Ensure that ERS 8.x.x is not started (Failure to do so will cause missing information to be migrated)

  2. Copy <ERS8.x.x_installation>/db (should also contain ‘fs’ and ‘system’ directories)*

  3. Ensure that ERS 8.10 is not started

  4. Paste into( as copied in Step 2 ) <ERS8.10.x_installation>/db

  5. Start ERS 8.10. The repository and user/role information will be successfully migrated.

*Note that once you have migrated forwards, you can’t migrate backwards with the same db(containing your filesystem, user role)