Merging two PDF files using the ETL Module

This entry explains how one is able to merge two PDF files using the PDF Merge step in the ETL chainset. Download the demo sample here: (158.6 KB)


  1. Copy the /pdf directory to the /data/in directory of the Ambience/Repertoire installation.

  2. Upload the PDFETL.chainset.json in the ETL module and launch it.

  3. This sample has six steps.

  4. The input directory is specified in the JSON Record, for this sample we use the /data/in/pdf. You can configure an external input directory in of etc/application.conf in the server’s installation.

  5. The Directory Reader step reads in the values of the dir column, File Field Reader step reads the bytes in the file column.

  6. PDF Merge step combines both PDF files while File Writer step writes the bytes out to a specified filename and path.

  7. The Retain Fields step retains the length field detailing the size of the merged file

  8. Refer to the ETL show log for a step through of the ETL process