Job to run SQL statement after Report Generation

This entry guides you through on the steps to create a Job in Ambience Designer which triggers an SQL statement after a report is being generated.

  1. In your Ambience designer, create a new Job.

  2. Add the following task(s), “RenderReport” & “GenerateData” to the newly created Job.

  • RenderReport task should point to the Report Template which requires an SQL statement to be triggered after being rendered.

  • GenerateData task should be pointed to a Composite datasource which uses an SQL processor to run an SQL statement.


How to create the Composite datasource?

  1. In a newly created Composite datasource, navigate to the Designer tab.

  2. Add the following processor(s), “DataSource” & “Processor”.

  • Datasource processor should point to an existing created datasource.

  • In Processor, choose General → SQL. Afterwards, set-up the SQL connection & create your SQL statement in the Query Builder.

  • The output of the SQL processor is the same as the input and records passing through are not being modified as the user is only interacting with the database.