How to read Ambience 4.x logs

Ambience 4.x log usage

1. Ambience.log

  • Provides details as well a summarized view of the background processes of the Ambience Server instance. The information at the Ambience log level is a high level summary and would require users to refer to the relevant error/minute-minder/audit logs (match via timestamp) for more details

2. Audit.log

  • The audit logs would log down most activities carried out by a specific user account.

3. Job-engine-n.log

  • The Job Engines logs information on the processes running at each job engine.

4. Error.log

  • Provides a daily summary of errors and exceptions at the Ambience Server or job engine level.

5. Minute-minder.csv

  • Tracking of the back-end processes at minute intervals.

6. Remote.log

  • Information on any remote connections made by the Ambience Designer.

7. Usage.log

  • Not in use, applicable if the Ambience Server is configured to be multi-tenanted.

See the attached file for samples and more details on the Ambience 4.x log use.

Ambience 4.x Logs Usage.pdf (94.6 KB)
Ambience 4.x Logged User Activities.pdf (235.8 KB)