Formatting of Numerical

This is an example of the various ways to format your numerical numbers in your report template.

Formatting Numerical

  • From the report template, navigate to the “Properties” for the desired data field & click on the “Format” tab.
    For example,

Here’s a walkthrough of the available properties for “Formatting Numerical”.

Format Type: Currency, Percent, Number

Note: All 3 of the format types above have the same parameters available. The only exception is the unit type that it’s being presented in (i.e. Currency [$], Percent [%]

1. Integer Places
A whole number without any fractional component

Example: [Initial Data: 255]

  • Round up to at least 5 integer places.

  • Output:

2. Fractional Places
Refers to the decimals/fractions following a whole number.

Example: [Initial Data: 255.123456789]

  • Round up to 2 decimal places.

  • Output

3. Show Grouping Separator (Grouping Size)
Refers to the visibility of the comma separating the group of the numbers which is grouped according to the "Grouping Size"

Example: [Initial Data: 255]

  • Group numbers in 3’s

  • Output

4. Always Show Decimal Separator
Refers to the visibility of the decimal point.

Example: [Initial Data: 255]

  • Output

5. Custom Pattern
For a direct configuration.

Format Type: Date/Time

Date Format & Time Format contain the following choices. (i.e. Full, Long, Medium, Short). Here are some output examples:

For a direct configuration, use “Custom Pattern”

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