Font Mapping in Ambience/Repertoire v202x

This entry guides you through the steps on how to Map & Encode font in Ambience/Repertoire v202x through the etc/application.conf file.

This example uses the Arial font to render out the missing Superscript into a PDF output from the report template.


  • If fonts other than Arial is used, please ensure that the selected font supports the desired Subscripts & Superscripts.
  • For Linux environment’s, do ensure that required fonts are loaded in your system cache.
    (Click here for the steps to ensure that fonts have been loaded.)



  1. In your Ambience installation path, open up the etc/application.conf file.
  2. Navigate to the following node, " elixir.rml "
  3. Revise the highlighted parts as shown in the screenshot below as required.

  1. Once done, save the etc/application.conf file & restart the Ambience server.
  2. Test out rendering the RML template & you would be able to view the following output.

Sample RML template can be found
here (1.9 KB)