ETL Steps to Read Configuration Details

This example is compatible with both Ambience and Repertoire 202x.

It shows how ETL Read Config steps can be used to read configuration info from the etc/application.conf file, e.g. read S3 configuration details to parse in as parameter values into ETL steps.

The sample below shows how configurations from the ‘elixir.sso.server’ can be retrieved from the etc/application.conf file via ETL steps and can be downloaded here (655 Bytes).

Enable access to the ‘elixir.sso.server’ configurations in etc/application.conf: {
readable: [“elixir.sso.server”]


Use the Read Config Object to retrieve the full set ‘elixir.sso.server’ information as an object:

Use the Read Config String to retrieve specific values from the object, e.g. the subject and body of the password reset email:

Note: Access to the Ambience/Repertoire server’s configuration should be strictly limited to only what is required to be read by the ETL steps.

Avoid setting configurations that enable full access, e.g.

  • readable: [“elixir”]
  • readable: [“”]