Establishing Oracle Connection Pool on Repertoire 202x Designer

This guideline will guide you to configure Oracle Connection Pool on Repertoire 202x Designer.

  1. Deploy the Oracle JDBC driver inside \lib or \ext directory under the Repertoire Designer 202x installation folder

  2. Copy the located at \etc directory under Repertoire 2023 server installation folder and paste it on \etc directory under Repertoire Designer 2023 installation folder. Rename it to

  3. Edit the file as follows.


  4. Edit application.conf to point to the oracle connection properties. {
    definition {
    #Add JDBC Properties as below
    #mysql = “/home/anyuser/build/”
    derby = “./etc/”
    oracle = “./etc/”

  5. To encrypt the connection pool password, you can run the bin\repertoire-cli.bat ← located at Repertoire Server 2023 installation folder. Below is the command line.

    c:\Repertoire 202x\Repertoire 2023\bin>repertoire-cli.bat encrypt
    Note : = your password to login into your Oracle database.

    The command will return the following
    password = {enc:elx-2.0}PofjLrwKW2yybzyy5wiZi/RnSdfSuND2jboElU5I3wU=

  6. Replace the encrypted password inside the

  7. Start the run-designer.bat and you should see below connection to Oracle is successful

  8. Inside the designer, create a new JDBC datasource and you will see the Oracle listed on the connection pool field

    Oracle Connection 2