Establishing connections to Oracle Database (Repertoire 8.8)

Establishing connections to Oracle Database (Repertoire 8.8)

  1. Download the Oracle JDBC driver. Driver can be downloaded here
    JDBC and UCP Downloads page | Oracle СНГ

  2. Deploy the ojdbc driver in the \lib directory of the Repertoire 8.8 installation folder

  3. Restart the Repertoire server and start up the Repertoire designer

  4. Add a new Connection Pool and input in the necessary fields.

  • Driver: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
  • URL : jdbc:oracle:thin:@::
  • Provide the login name and password for the Oracle Database
  • E.g : Default Oracle Database Name is “xe”

  1. Once done, click the Test Connection button and you should be able to view the pop up box which mention that the test connection was successfully.