Create an ETL Chain to read an XLSX File

This entry guides you through the steps to create a simple ETL chain which reads a XLSX file stored in your local storage.

  1. Park your XLSX file in the following directory, /data/in/ located in your Ambience/Repertoire installation path.
  • The directory, /data/in is the default readable directory that Ambience/Repertoire reads from.
  • To specify a new directory, do revise the following configuration in your etc/application.conf file as necessary.
  1. Next, restart your Ambience/Repertoire server.

  2. In the Service Chooser, select the ETL module and create a new chainset.

  3. In the newly created chainset, add a chain and proceed to add the following 3 steps.
    (XLSX Definition, XLSX Reader)

  4. In the step XLSX Definition, under the URL field, you should be able to view a dropdown list which should list down the XLSX file which was parked in Step 1.

  5. Click Next and Save the chainset.

  6. Click on the “Play” button and you should be able to view the results in the right panel successfully.