Configure Repertoire in HTTPS mode

Shown below are the steps to configure the Repertoire server to run in secure protocol (HTTPS) mode.

  1. Stop the Repertoire Server.

  2. In the Repertoire Server, edit /config/ERS2.xml and uncomment the lines as shown below

<!-- use these for secure mode (https) -->
<ers:property name="Secure">true</ers:property>
<ers:property name="Port">8443</ers:property>
<ers:property name="Password">secret</ers:property>
  1. Afterwards, do comment out the plain mode lines as shown below:
<!-- use these for plain mode (http) -->
<!--<ers:property name="Secure">false</ers:property>
<ers:property name="Port">8080</ers:property>-->
  1. Create a new directory, “ssl” inside the /config directory. (To store the “keystore”)
    for example,

  2. Open a command prompt in the new /ssl directory and enter the following to create a keystore.
    <JAVA_HOME>/bin/keytool -keystore keystore -alias jetty -genkey -keyalg RSA
    *Based on the above command, do ensure to replace “<JAVA_HOME>” with your respective JAVA home path.

Feel free to refer to the following link for more details on creating a keytool.

  1. After generating the keystore in /config/ssl directory, go back to the ERX2.xml file and enter the password you chose into the password property as highlighted below.
    <ers:property name=“Password”>secret</ers:property>

  2. Save the ERS2.xml file and restart the Repertoire server. Repertoire server would than be accessible through the HTTPS protocol.
    For example, “https://localhost:8080”