Configure Ambience/Repertoire 202x Server to use LDAP Authentication

To enable users to be authenticated by LDAP:

  1. Comment out simple sso and uncomment ldap-sso in etc/application.conf of the Ambience Server installation:
    ambience {
    modules {
    #choose either simple-sso (default) or ldap-sso
    #simple-sso {
    #class: “ambience.simplesso.SimpleSSOModule”
    ldap-sso {
    class: “ambience.ldapsso.LDAPSSOModule”

  2. Modify the following contents in etc/application.conf accordingly to the LDAP server, e.g.
    #only used if module ldap-sso is selected above
    ambience.ldap-sso {
    cxtFactory = “com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory”
    host = “localhost”
    port = 10389
    protocol = “default”
    method = “simple”
    users = “ou=users,dc=elixirbase,dc=com”
    uidAttribute = “uid”
    mailAttribute = “mail”
    connectTimeout = 10 seconds
    readTimeout = 10 seconds
    bind {
    user = “”
    password = “”

  3. In application.conf file, ensure that the “add-authenticated-users” is enabled.

  • Enabling the configuration, “add-authenticated-users” would create the user automatically in the User module upon first authentication.
  • Creation of identity is not needed in LDAP configuration as authentication is handled by LDAP.
  1. Start Server with modified etc/application.conf and test by logging in using an LDAP user.