Beginner Recipe: Fetching SSO Authentication Logs

Level: Beginner

Steps Used:

  • Authenticated Users


  • How to retrieve SSO authentication logs for use in reports without exposing the Ambience audit.log to the ETL chains.


  • This step only works for Administrators with mod-identity privilege.
  • Privileges can be added either in the Users/Roles module

Authenticated Users

  1. Navigate to the ETL module & create a new ETL chainset.

  2. In the chainset, add a new chain.
    For example, “Authenticated Users”

  3. Add the step, “JSON Record” & add the following line of code as part of the JSON record.
    For example,
    [Click the icon at the top right corner of the step for more details.]

  4. Next, add the step, “Authenticated Users” & input in the fields as necessary.
    "From Field" is a compulsory field while “To Field” is an optional field.
    For example,

    (i.e. as declared in the step “JSON Record”, the column name used is “from”.
    To declare a “To Field” do add in another record in the previous ETL Step, “JSON Record”.)
    [Click the icon at the top right corner of the step for more details]

  5. Save & run the ETL Steps.