Ambience 4.x Log Details

The table below show’s the content details that are logged in the respective Ambience 4 log files.

Log File Name Content Information
DDDD-MM-YY-ambience.log Diagnostic information’s from the server JVM which manages the web interface and job engines queues.
DDDD-MM-YY-audit.log Diagnostic information’s primarily regarding authentication and user activity (e.g. jobs run)
DDDD-MM-YY-error.log A filtered version of the ambience-log which only includes errors.
DDDD-MM-YY-job-engine-*.log Diagnostic information from a specific job engine JVM for each job that is run, and idle time.
DDDD-MM-YY-minute-minder.log Once per minute summary of server statistics. (e.g. Number of calls to key modules, Amount of CPU and RAM used to allow load analysis)
DDDD-MM-YY-remote.log A log to hold akka remoting warnings, where there is a failure in connectivity between the server and job engines.
DDDD-MM-YY-usage.log Currently unused.