A4 Migration JDBC Tab

The JDBC tab would allow users to point their exiting JDBC datasources to the newly configured connection pools in Ambience/Repertoire 2023.


  • The necessary connection pool(s) property files are already created in Ambience/Repertoire 202x /etc directory.

  1. After you have migrated Repertoire 8.x’s/Ambience 4’s repository over, navigate to the A4 Migration module and select the JDBC tab.

  2. In the JDBC tab, you would be able to view all your migrated JDBC datasources as well as its former connection pool files which is currently of no use.

  3. To point your existing JDBC datasources to the newly created connection pool, select the icon under the Actions column and you’ll be able to select which connection pool will the selected datasource(s) be reading from.