Installing Ambience 2020 as a Windows Service

Ambience 2020 does not come packaged with a Windows Service installer but users can download one from :

Steps to install and run Ambience 2020 as a Windows Service:

  1. Download the Windows Service Installer from the this URL, do ensure the required .Net version by the installer is available on the Windows machine or download the larger installer with the required .Net bundled together.

  2. Rename the downloaded .exe to elx-ambience-service.exe, download, unzip the xml configuration from (453 Bytes) and copy both files to \bin of the Ambience 2020 directory.

  3. Edit the <executable> property in elx-ambience-service.xml configuration if the physical Java path needs to be fully defined. Ensure both .exe and .xml files have the same names.

  4. Install the Windows Service as follows, the installer will look for the config xml file of the same name: elx-ambience-service.exe install

  5. To uninstall, run the following command: elx-ambience-service.exe uninstall